Permaculture Association of/du Canada

Permaculture Association of/du Canada

a registered non-profit corporation - une société enregistrée à but non lucratif

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"though the problems of the world are becoming increasingly complex the solutions are embarrassingly simple".

Bill Mollison

Feb 25, 2015


The Permaculture Association of/du Canada was registered January 2015 and has a very limited membership to date. Current members are confident  that through this website and ongoing social media strategies our numbers will grow and we will expand to embrace permaculture practitioners and supporters as we mature as an organization. The association's focus is primarily Canadian but we anticipate connections and conversations at many levels, world wide. General membership is open to the Canadian public as persons and affiliations can be formed with any individual, business or organization anywhere.


A board of three directors (of a potential seven) and officers of the corporation were nominated and acclaimed at the first association board of directors meeting. Board meetings are held monthly, the first Sunday of every month, at the associations' registered address near Mallorytown, Ontario. Minutes are recorded and will be posted on this site as soon as possible. The board has subsequently prioritized that we will seek to build affiliations and people networks with existing local, regional and national groups with an emphasis on the those that are already formed or forming into actual not - for - profit organizations and/or are physically, community based. In this direction it has also been considered that the new association should not re-invent the wheel but  engage with other organizations' visions and missions wherever possible. If we can borrow and adapt hard won experiences and successes from other existing groups we can implement these elements quickly and concentrate on moving forward faster. Further, this process may build a stronger, more uniform coalition of organizations that are moving in similar directions together.


If you are interested in our purposes and in building this organization we'd be pleased to hear from you. Please consider becoming a formal member - we will be building an (automated) registry system here.  Meanwhile, if you are able to connect us with your own group or organization we'd be happy to explore opportunites to share, build and grow together. Please use the form on the contact page, phone or email the association directly via "info (at)"


We are committed to providing services and programs in both official languages, and some members are francophone - but it may take us some time to translate all of our communications and operations into both. Thank you for your patience in this regard.

The Permaculture Association of/du Canada has three purposes:


1) Provide and support professional, technical and other services to the members at large and the Canadian public within the three ethics of Permaculture;


2) Provide and support education and appropriate learning opportunities for the members at large and the Canadian public in the developement and utilization of Permaculture and;


3) Support charitable programs and systems that further the function and utility of Permaculture in the lives of the Canadian individual, family, organizations and communities.


The Permaculture Association of Canada is a federally registered not for profit (though not a reg. charity) organization. Membership is open to the public.


The Association's Canadian Corporation number is 914287-8 & the CRA BN is 82197 1793.

Association Board Members and Officers:

H. Kurt Liebe - President, Chair - 3 year term

Michelle M. Morin - Secreatary/Treasurer - 2 year term

Nicolas Jean Liebe - Vice Chair - 1 year term